1. Introduction:

The Trail des Marcaires (54km/2600Mm+) the Défi de Muhlbach  (32km/1650m +) and la P’tite Course des Marcaires (12km/630m+), are timed trail running competitions open to experienced runners but not to walkers. There will be an official classification with prizes for places 1-5 and for the first runner in each category. Each race takes place on a marked course over forest and mountain paths between 437 and 1363 m altitude. All three races will be on the 19th May 2019

The Trail des Marcaires provides 3 UTMB points UTMB to finishers.

The Défi de Muhlbach  is part of the Trail Tour Alsace. and provides 2 UTMB points to finishers.

The organising committee reserves the right to change the race rules depending on the different authorisations received from the various local authorities as well as the weather conditions.

2. Organisation :

The event is organsied by Colmar Marathon Club.

3. Program for 2019:

Saturday 18th May 2019 :

15h-20:00: Race number collection for all races in the sports hall Muhlbach-Sur-Munster

Sunday 19th May 2019 :

6:00 – 09:30 : Race number collection for all races in the sports hall Muhlbach-Sur-Munster

7:30 : Start Trail des Marcaires

9:00: Start Défi de Muhlbach

9h30: Start La P’Tite Course des Marcaires

7h-18h :  Jog’R/Salomon partner stands with various special offers

11h-18h : Local market with various specialities from the Munster valley .

12:30: Prizes fro La P’tite Course des Marcaires

14h : Prizes for Défi de Muhlbach .

14h30 : Prizes for  Trail des Marcaires.

These times may be modified depending on conditions on race day.

4. Race entries :

Entries are limited to 1500 runners in total for the 3 races combined

La P’Tite Course des Marcaires – 400 runners

Le Défi de Muhlbach – 700 runners

Le Trail des Marcaires – 400 runners

Race entry is exclusively via : www.sporkrono.fr

It will be possible to register for the 12km race on race day (increased price). The cut off date entry to the other two races is the 12th May 2019

If the race is full before this date, entries will be closed.

Race entry to the Trail des Marcaires and the Défi de Muhlbach includes a meal after the race as well as a gift for each runner.

Race entry for the P’tite Course des Marcaires, includes a gift for each runner. If you wish a meal, this cane be ordered with your race entry.

The shuttle bus is included in ALL race entries.

For your race entry to be valid you must show:

  • Your French athletics licence. 

  • OR a medical certificate stating that you are eligible to run in a competition. The certificate must not be more than 12 months old on the day of the competition.

If these a documents are not provided it will not be possible to deliver your race number. 

5. Participation :

French athletics rules state that cadets (16-17 years old) cannot run further than 15km in a competitive race and are limited also by altitude gain. Juniors (18-19 years old) are limited to 25km

Juniors will only be able to run La P’Tite Course des Marcaires. Due to the altitude gain Cadets are excluded from this race.

Participants must have experience running over mountainous terrain. 

We strongly advise that you check the weather the day before the race and prepare your kit accordingly. The weather and temperatures can change quickly in the mountains.

6. Race number collection :

Race numbers can be collected in the sports hall in  Muhlbach-sur-Munster :

  • Saturday 18th May 2019 from 14:00 to 18:00
  • Sunday 19th May 2019 from 6:00.
7. Race Day Timetable :

Sunday 19th May 2019 :

  • Trail des Marcaires : 7:30
  • Défi de Muhlbach  : 9:00
  • La P’Tite Course des Marcaires : 9h30

The organising committee reserves the right to change the timetable depending on the weather conditions.

All races start in front of the sports hall in Muhlbach-sur-Munster.

Estimated arrival times fro each race are listed below.


First Runner

Last Runner

Trail des Marcaires

12:16  (4:46)

18:06 (10:36)

Défi de Muhlbach

11:46 (2:46)

15:46 (6:46)

La P’tite Trail des Marcaires

10:20 (00:50)

12:00 (2:30)

Alert ! For security reasons there will be cut-off times.

The number of kilometers may vary slightly.

Trail des Marcaires:

  • Cut off n°1 : 11:30 at  km 17,5 (separation point between 54km and 32km routes ).  Runners on the Trail des Marcaires route arriving after the cut-off time will be rerouted onto the Défi de Muhlbach route. They will be included in the results for this race.   
  • Cut-off n°2 : 15:00 at kilomètre 35,5. Runners must stop and remove their race number. They will be transported back to start/finish area by race volunteers. 

Cut-off times may be adjusted depending on weather conditions. 

Défi de Muhlbach: 

  • 1 cut off time at 14:00 at the second aid and feed station in Mittlach at km 22. Runners arriving after the cut-off time will be stopped and their race number removed. Volunteers will transfer any stopped runners back to the arrival area. 

Cut-off times may be changes depending on weather conditions.

Race briefings :

All race briefings will be held on the start line 10 minutes before departure.

  • 19/05/19 : P’tite Course des Marcaires : 9:20

  • 19/05/19 : Trail des Marcaires : 7:20

  • 19/05/19 : Le Défi de Muhlbach  : 8:50

8. Mandatory Kit

All runners on the 54km and 32km races must have a personal drinking cup. No disposable cups will be available at aid stations.

The two longer races have mandatory equipment for security reasons. Runners will be competing over mountainous terrain with potentially changeable weather.

The race organises reserve the right to change the mandatory kit list according to the weather conditions. You will be alerted via Facebook, the website and displays in the departure area.

For security and fairness all competitors the mandatory kit for all competitors will be checked before race number collection. Random checks can also be made during the race. Any runner not able to produce the mandatory equipment will receive a 10 minute penalty per missing item.

In good weather conditions, certain items on the mandatory kit list may be downgraded to optional. The race organisation will inform you of the final list at race number question.

Trail des Marcaires:

  1. 1 litre of water or energy drink (minimum)
  2. A survival blanket
  3.  A mobile phone 
  4. A whistle
  5. A drinking cup
  6. A windbreaker jacket (optional)
  7. Long running tights (optional)
  8. A long sleeved thermal top (optional)
  9. A waterproof (optional)
  10. Gloves (optional)
  11. Hat or Buff (optional)

Défi de Muhlbach:

  1. 500ml  of water or energy drink (minimum)
  2. A survival blanket
  3.  A mobile phone 
  4. A whistle
  5. A drinking cup
  6. A windbreaker jacket (optional)
  7. Long running tights (optional)
  8. A long sleeved thermal top (optional)
  9. A waterproof (optional)
  10. Gloves (optional)
  11. Hat or Buff (optional)
9. race route:

You can see the race routes on our website or on www.tracedetrail.fr.  

The course will be marked using tape, flags and biodegradable paint. The marking colours will be provided at the race briefing. 

The race course will be clearly marked, it is the responsibility of each runner to check for and follow the markings.

10. Aid stations:

There will be an aid station in the arrival area for each race

Trail des Marcaires : 4 aid stations

Aid Station 1 : Auberge du Schiessroth. km 9 : food & liquids

Aid Station 2 : Steinwasen. km 23 : food & liquids

Aid Station 3 : Raedlé. km 35.5. water.

Aid Station 4 : Rothenbrunnen. km 42 : food & liquids

Défi de Muhlbach : 2 aid stations

Aid Station 1: Auberge du Schiessroth. km 9 : food & liquids
Aid Station 2 : Mittlach. km 23 : food & liquids

P’tite Course des Marcaires :  

1 aid station at the km 5th – both food and liquids.

ATTENTION: The km listed for the aid stations are approximate.

Assistance is only permitted at official aid stations. Any assistance provided at other areas along the course can lead to disqualification.

11. timing :

All races will be chip timed. Timing is provided by Chronocompétition. 

 12. Prizes :
The first 3 women and the first 3 men of each race will receive a prize as well as the first runner of each age category. 

There will also be a prize for the best represented club.

Prize Ceremonies:

La P’tite course des Marcaires: 12h30
Le Trail des Marcaires : 14h30
Le Défi de Muhlbach: 14h

13. changing rooms, showers, left luggage :

Changing rooms, showers and a left luggage system are available in the sports hall in the departure and arrival area.

14. shuttle Bus

Runners should park at SuperU in Munster (on the right on the outskirts of the town when coming from Colmar). Shuttle buses will take runners to the race start. Buses will leave every 15 minutes from 06:00 until 08:45. 

Return shuttles will run from 11:00 to 12:30 and then from 14:00 to 18:00. Volunteers will take any runners still remaining back to Munster after 18:00. 

There are showers and left luggage at the race arrival area. 

15. insurance:

The race is covered by the organisers insurance policy.

16. Race entry cancellation:

Cancelled entries will be refunded (minus registration fees) up to and including the 12th April 2019. A medical certificate must be provided to justify the refund. From the 13th April 2019, refunds will not be issued.

17. Accommodation :

If you require accommodation, contact the Muster tourist office: + 33 3 89 77 31 80 www.vallee-munster.eu

18. First aid :

First aid services will be provided by the F.F.S.S (Fédération Française de Sauvetage et de Secourisme). They will be present at the arrival area and at various points on the course. A doctor will also be available.

19. Image rights:
All race participants authorise the race organisers as well as their suppliers and partners to use photos or videos taken during the race or in the arrival area on which they might appear.